Hello, I’m Arushi. I am an analytical, creative, and expressive person. I stumbled across digital art, content creation, and online platforms during my time off work during the Pandemic. I have 12 years of corporate experience in various roles including customer service, business banking, leadership, training, and learning and development. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Psychological Sciences through Swinburne University Online with electives in Media and Communications.

So far my journey with digital content creation has been working passionately with Canva, various content creation apps for social media, and Adobe.

My strengths include writing, communications, digital art, and graphics, while I am also passionate about thought leadership, psychological safety and awareness, and coaching.

I have recently signed up for contemporary dancing and feel art, any form of art is not just an expression of an individual self, but also therapeutic.

I would like to believe that my ability to write well, studies in Psychology, my corporate background, and my newfound passion for digital content creation can be a way to make a better tomorrow in workplaces and on an individual level too.

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